Why Practicality Seems to Evade Us When Naming a Dog Or Puppy

Why Practicality Seems to Evade Us When Naming a Dog Or Puppy

You would think choosing a name for a dog or a dog would be one of the easiest things to do. Especially when all the factors involved in being a new owner are taken into account, naming should be the least of your concerns. So why does this seemingly simple process give us a lot of headaches? To coin a phrase, what’s in a name and that’s the problem.

After all, does it really matter what you name a dog or a puppy? Giving a name to an object or article is basically a human way of owning something. So we give our dog or puppy a name to show him the property. To be fair, he does not understand the concept of you giving him a name and being the owner of it, but it’s an indication to other people, of course.

So, having established ownership on our part, why else do we choose to name our puppy / cub and make us jump over so many obstacles to get what we think is the right name for him?

The bottom line is that we want our puppy or puppy to feel that they really are part of our family and we all have our own names, so it stands to reason that we also need one to be part of our inner circle. and therefore a valuable member of the family. For some really unique and original dog names you can click here.

Why Practicality Seems to Evade Us When Naming a Dog Or Puppy

Does the name you choose have anything to do with your animal’s character? You may find that when you get home it sounds like you’re calling something, even if you’re not sure what.

If you have a small puppy of the Toy variety, maybe Bruiser or Atlas is too big a name to remove, and likewise it is possible that a German Dogue or other large breed of dog is not suitable for Tinkerbell or Fluffy. !

It is very possible that your dog or puppy has a catnip name so it may be helpful to use a version of it. You may also discover that as you grow and develop a character or person that leads you to make small changes in the name to adapt to this new personality. Or, in fact, he / she fits the name he originally chose and looks great!

So instead of being undecided when choosing a name beforehand, is it better to wait and see which name can jump at you and become obvious when it arrives?