Filing a Patent Application

Are you thinking about to take the benefit from Thomas Edison’s research work? Then the idea is totally worthless. All the valuable thoughts whether it is related to art or science field, the owner has to surely provide the award. The work is represented by the name of the inventor. The process is not limited to the growth of unique ideas. An individual has to pay lots of years of his life to prove the strength of his invention. Then this dedicated work demands the fulfillment of approval work. The person must receive some appreciation in respect of such long process. The law offers the opportunity in the form of patent application to offer the complete protection to the work. No one can use, sale or buy the invention without the permission of owner.

After the completion of the project the first thing a person has to perform is filing a patent application. In a particular form of patent application there is meaning of every single word. The official form needs the proper specification about the invention. The process of filing is also depends on the kind of office and the person selects the patent conditions in a given country or in a range of countries. On such basis application is divided into national and regional applications. It is all explained in this article fromĀ

NATIONAL APPLICATIONS: The applications that are generally filed at national patent office provide the protection rights within the country.

REGIONAL APPLICATIONS: The process that provides the protective effect in range of the countries. The grant patent from European Patent Office (EPO) is a regional patent office that offers advantages of patent in number of countries.

The person gets the grant of right in two forms- design and utility.

DESIGN PATENT: This patent application works specifically for the looks factor in respect to the drawings along with the documents. In this way the product will get the unique identification and by using the process the companies will get the exclusive designs. The product carries the value for 14 years within the time limit of patent.

UTILITY PATENT: The process that follows the whole making procedure within the time limits of 17 to 18 years. The provisional and non-provisional applications are the further classifications of the utility application.

Provisional utility application: The process that provides the protection to procedure and working of the particular invention.

Non-provisional utility application: The process provides the protection to whole application including on the use of the product. A person has to select a more suitable option before filing a patent application. In most of the cases non-provisional one attracts more customers.

The person can comfortably file the application by the use of online procedure. The process provides a ban for any outsider entry that comes for the purpose of copying the discovery. The process gets the highest level of use especially in case of competitive companies. The functioning of such operations makes the pace of the process smoother and faster than before. The increasing rate of scams in the present time makes the patent application as the lifeline of every invention and you can find much more interesting tips like these fromĀ