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Considerations that can help you in guiding your patent decision

Considerations that can help you in guiding your patent decision

A patent is not an end to itself. A patent is simply a tool in a commercial strategy. Without being incorporated into a commercial strategy a patent is merely an expensive piece of paper. Furthermore, a patent has a limited term, most often 20 years from the filing date. So, the timing of filing a patent application is important.

Typical commercial strategies involve securing an exclusive market, licensing a patent, and/or attracting investors. The decision to engage in the patent process should be consistent with the contemplated commercial strategies.

Filing a patent application is a balance between being first to file and properly supporting and documenting an invention. Best practice is to keep the invention a secret until a patent application is filed. Many patent claims have been held invalid based on an inventor’s own disclosure. Thus, if patent protection is desired, then filing of a patent application is recommended prior to discussing or showing the invention to anyone not bound by confidentiality as described in this article on also.

Aspects of an invention that cannot be reverse engineered may not need patent protection, and may be maintained as trade secrets. Depending on the commercial strategy for the invention a determination can be made regarding patent protection for aspects that can be reverse engineered.

Considerations that can help you in guiding your patent decision

If a prior art search reveals no previous disclosure of the invention, then a significant barrier to patentability is removed. If a prior art search reveals a previous disclosure that makes the invention obvious, then obtain a practical answer from the patent professional company such as InventHelp regarding possible challenges that may be faced during the patent process.

A patent is an exclusive right that allows the patentee to exclude others from practicing the claimed invention. A patentee does not need the patent to commercialize the invention. Thus, before filing a patent application a determination should be made as to the likelihood of competitors’ copying or infringing activity.

If the invention is in a technology area that is filled with existing patents owned by competitor’s, then practicing the invention may require licensing competitor’s patents. Obtaining a patent on the invention may provide a benefit by allowing a cross-licensing opportunity.

Why every invention should have patent protection

Why every invention should have patent protection

The reason why a newly invented innovation should have patent protection is to protect your brand new personal invented product, against others who can copy and create the same innovation. This means they can take your product to the market and make it theirs without your consent. Keeping it hidden would also not last for long, especially if your products know-how gets recognized.

By having patent protection on your invention, protects others from replicating, trading, introducing and making profits from your own invented idea. If you do have patent protection and your product gets duplicated, you will then have the full right to take legal action against the other party as was elaborated in the post from

By having patent on your product you will have:

  • Selling rights of your product with the IP rights.
  • Keep the IP right even when your product is licensed to another party.
  • Talk to others towards opening a business base on your product.
  • After 18 months your product will become open to the public.

Why every invention should have patent protection

The other perk of patent systems towards countries is that it inspires citizens towards creating new inventions and technologies. The inventor and technical community will also benefit from this system in that the government will consent sole rights on the invention, effectively creating a market monopoly on the invention.

The monopoly protection will offer in part a financial incentive for investors to invest in the new venture, process or product. This can act as crucial leverage in procuring finance for any project. What is more, patent rights effectively act as a barrier for any copycat competitors who would like to enter the game late and benefit from others’ hard work and perseverance for as long as the patents are alive.

It is possible to secure patents in almost any country. The amount of countries where people apply for patent rights is compared between the actual cost of registering the patent in one country and the cost of registering it in another country. You can find out more about it on

Discover valuable advice and information about patent

Discover valuable advice and information about patent

About patents law one needs to understand the concept of patency. Patency is process whereby an individual is granted sole rights on an idea for a certain period of time. Prevents other groups or individuals from profiting from the individuals idea by either selling or using the idea. Due to the ever changing nature of technology and implementations of new laws pertaining to patency, it is wise for an individual or group looking to patent their ideas or products to make use of an attorney or an Patent agency such as InventHelp who specializes is patent law.

Patent law is the governing of the laws of patency. Every idea or product that needs to be patented is subject to certain rules and regulations and this what patent law enforces. It is true that one can have product or idea patented without the help of an attorney, but die to the fact that the laws are changing on a constant basis it is helps to have an attorney on your side to oversee you patency as they are well aware of all the changes that are being made on an on-going basis.

Discover valuable advice and information about patent

Should you approach an investor company as an individual looking for funds to make your idea a reality, these investor companies will most certainly make use of an attorney that specializes in patent law. These companies want to ensure that if they invest in an idea that no other company will come and steal the idea from them and also to make sure that you as the individual will sell your product to another company once it has been completed with the funds from the investor company.

Having your product or idea patented is also known as patent rights meaning that should another person that is privy to your idea and the different components and factors of the idea, sell it to the highest bidder without your consent, you can sue them. Intellectual Property Rights prevent other companies or individuals from profiting off of your idea. Learn more about invention patenting from twitter too –

New approach of manufacture of PCB

New approach of manufacture of PCB

When you go through the fabrication process of the printed circuit board, you should know that it is a series of difficult and very critical handling. The prime pace in the PCB manufacturing process involves transferring the scheme to the capture in real time. When the scheme is inserted, the PCB manufacturing process is used to place the pieces on the single PCB board.

When the design is complete, the layers of the plate are printed integrally on the toner transfer paper. Then, the image is transferred to the bare copper plate with a highly advanced laminating machine. After lamination, the paper board is removed with the paper and the toner is left behind.

In the first step, the contours are made on the plates and then the connectors are marked on a sheet of plain white paper. This step is followed by a sketch of the contours of the components with the connection point and other complete controller patterns.

New approach of manufacture of PCB

Engineers first visualize the design of the PCB on the component side to ensure that there is no illusion through manufacturing. Among all the PCB components, the largest components are filled first. You must place the correct PCB angles with the minimum space required.

PCB fabrication and assembly services also have an integrated strategy which helps avoid any type of volts variations or any other kind of electronic threat so that the devices continues to be secured an unscathed. PCB is the mind of any electronic resources and consequently PCB fabrication and assembly ought to be achieved quite wisely maintaining the unique wishes of the buyers in thoughts.

Hire the best custom PCB manufacturer possible for your needs

Hire the best custom PCB manufacturer possible for your needs

To be completely clear, the printed circuit board is of extreme necessity in the electronics industry. With the growth of the general requirement of electronics in domestic and industrial sources, the PCB requirement is constantly increasing. People, as well as industrialists, constantly demand new electronic devices and machinery to perform various functions and fulfill completely different functions.

With this demand constantly increasing, the demand of a leading company in the rapid manufacture of PCBs is also increasing. Companies involved in PCB production today are threatening their limits to manufacture more custom printed circuit boards to meet the diverse requirements of their buyers.

Hire the best custom PCB manufacturer possible for your needs

As mentioned above, there are several companies involved in the large-scale production of PCBs. The point here is that everyone is making high quality products? The solution goes in every way.

To make sure you book the most effective companies for PCB manufacturing, you should initially consider the variety of points to convey the correct end of a call. Some of these aspects to consider and the steps to be taken are very important for the successful production of PCBs.

Complex process of production PCBs

Complex process of production PCBs

The PCB manufacturing process usually begins with the process engineer designing the circuit board and the negative film according to each individual’s needs and engineering drawings. The negative film production usually needs to be carried out in the space of the constant temperature and constant humidity clean room. Usually, it is made into hard printing. Negative films are required for use in the exposure process. Film subjects are exposed on the film in accordance with CAD or CAM data. Therefore, PCB practitioners must have professional knowledge and professional skills.

In the PCB production line, it is divided into two major departments: production and quality control. Usually, the employees in the production department need to do the work items including the progress, material allocation, personnel deployment and supervision on the production line; It is a process engineer who is responsible for the definition and improvement of the product manufacturing process, the handling of abnormal conditions, and reducing the failure rate on the production line to improve product quality and increase production. If there is a problem in the production line, the process engineer must solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Complex process of production PCBs

PCB is a fine-grained wiring made by printing, photographic, etching, and electroplating technologies. It serves as a platform for supporting the assembly of electronic parts and circuits between parts. Because of the complex process of producing printed circuit boards, you have to find the experienced company for PCBA manufacturing.

The waste liquid and waste generated in the process of making PCB are numerous and complicated, and in addition to containing a variety of organic pollution, PCB contains a large amount of copper and lead. And heavy metal materials such as nickel, not only the pollution intensity is large, and the pollution characteristics tend to be complicated with the improvement of the product level. If the pollution prevention work is not done well, it will seriously cause environmental pollution and injury.

Filing a Patent Application

Are you thinking about to take the benefit from Thomas Edison’s research work? Then the idea is totally worthless. All the valuable thoughts whether it is related to art or science field, the owner has to surely provide the award. The work is represented by the name of the inventor. The process is not limited to the growth of unique ideas. An individual has to pay lots of years of his life to prove the strength of his invention. Then this dedicated work demands the fulfillment of approval work. The person must receive some appreciation in respect of such long process. The law offers the opportunity in the form of patent application to offer the complete protection to the work. No one can use, sale or buy the invention without the permission of owner.

After the completion of the project the first thing a person has to perform is filing a patent application. In a particular form of patent application there is meaning of every single word. The official form needs the proper specification about the invention. The process of filing is also depends on the kind of office and the person selects the patent conditions in a given country or in a range of countries. On such basis application is divided into national and regional applications. It is all explained in this article from

NATIONAL APPLICATIONS: The applications that are generally filed at national patent office provide the protection rights within the country.

REGIONAL APPLICATIONS: The process that provides the protective effect in range of the countries. The grant patent from European Patent Office (EPO) is a regional patent office that offers advantages of patent in number of countries.

The person gets the grant of right in two forms- design and utility.

DESIGN PATENT: This patent application works specifically for the looks factor in respect to the drawings along with the documents. In this way the product will get the unique identification and by using the process the companies will get the exclusive designs. The product carries the value for 14 years within the time limit of patent.

UTILITY PATENT: The process that follows the whole making procedure within the time limits of 17 to 18 years. The provisional and non-provisional applications are the further classifications of the utility application.

Provisional utility application: The process that provides the protection to procedure and working of the particular invention.

Non-provisional utility application: The process provides the protection to whole application including on the use of the product. A person has to select a more suitable option before filing a patent application. In most of the cases non-provisional one attracts more customers.

The person can comfortably file the application by the use of online procedure. The process provides a ban for any outsider entry that comes for the purpose of copying the discovery. The process gets the highest level of use especially in case of competitive companies. The functioning of such operations makes the pace of the process smoother and faster than before. The increasing rate of scams in the present time makes the patent application as the lifeline of every invention and you can find much more interesting tips like these from