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How to sell your idea?

Your initial pitch to potential partners should be short and to the point. It should be concise but professional, and do we have to say grammatically correct and error free. Focus on the problem and the benefits of using your invention as the solution. Focus on the advantages and leave the door open for questions.

Great performers always leave their audiences wanting more, and you should be no different. It is much better to engage a potential investor or partner by answering their questions than to give them a full blown power point presentation with all the answers (from your perspective) and getting the polite nod. The polite nod usually means no, not interested, have a nice life. It is the deathblow to selling invention ideas, at least to that potential investor or partner.

Communicate your vision of sales and distribution, but leave the door open for the experts to tell you what they think. Your partners, whether they are investors, manufacturers or distributors may know your target customers a lot better than you do. You can kill the deal by not being open to their input. Every successful new invention is the result of teamwork. Your new invention is no exception.

Finally, be reasonable with your expectations. Investors, manufacturers and distributors all have to get their cut. We will never know how many inventions never made it to market because the inventor wanted all the money for their ideas as described in this article on

Greed has killed more opportunities than it has created. It has caused more pain and suffering than it has relieved. Greed can leave your invention on the shelf in your garage and keep you from selling invention ideas. Share the wealth, have reasonable royalty or revenue sharing expectations and you can expect to have some success. Being greedy will kill the goose that could lay the golden eggs.

Follow these guidelines to turn your idea into revenue. Of course there are thousands of minute details that you must take care of but these are the key concepts to selling invention ideas.

Uses of printed circuit boards

Uses of printed circuit boards

There are literally PCBs in most of the electronic things we see and use every day. In large part they are responsible for the fact that many of the devices we use on a daily basis are smaller but have more technology within them.

These include:

  • Televisions and radios
  • Coffee machines
  • Computers
  • Game platforms
  • Alarm systems
  • Washing machines
  • Oven
  • Cell phones

Uses of printed circuit boards

You will also find them in your car or bicycle or on your bicycle if you have lights. If you are on vacation at any time, you will also find them all over the place on the plane! Other uses include military, medical and industrial components. Then he sees that they are used everywhere and they get in touch with devices that use them in everything he does. Because of all this there is a great demand for PCB assembly services around the world.

Types of PCBs

There are several different types of printed circuit boards, that is, double, single and multi-layer. Single-sided plates are used where costs must be kept low and the design is simple. Both sides are used for more complex circuits and are the basis for most manufactured PCBs. Multiple layers are for highly complex situations and are used to decrease the weight and volume of the devices.

Peppery Strip Steaks And Baked Potatoes

A sumptuous beef cut has always been a preferred choice for foodies. A special dinner in the west can’t just do without a meaty slab and that is what most chefs feel. In a majority of cases people shy away from steak recipes because they tend to squeeze away a considerable time from their daily schedule and wasting hours over cooking is just not a too good option especially for busy professionals. So, here it is an absolutely easy beef steak recipe that will sound difficult and time-consuming but is a cake walk for the foodie who loves to lay his/her hands on cuisines.

Cooking beef has never been easier than this; the pepper crust strip steaks in twice baked potatoes is a doable recipe; it has a special French influence and is absolutely delicious and that one thing that makes it all the more tasty is the quality of the strip steaks.

No wonder this delicious boneless strip steak recipe will lure taste-buds so much so that you will fall for it. Now, take a look because here is what you will need to cook the beefy delicacy:

  • Strip steaks (12-14oz each), 2
  • Coarsely grounded black peppercorns in whole, ½ cup
  • Canola oil
  • Unsalted butter, 2 tbsp garlic cloves (peeled and then smashed), 3
  • Chopped thyme leaves, 4 sprigs

For potatoes

  • Scrubbed and cleansed Idaho potatoes, 2
  • Kosher salt
  • Olive oil
  • Sour cream, 2 tbsp
  • Goat cheese, 3 oz
  • Ground pepper
  • Scallion greens (thinly sliced), ½ cup


Firstly preheat the oven at 350°. Take a saute pan and heat over high flames. Meanwhile take the meat and salt it all over. Next, press either side of steaks with cracked peppercorns. Brush saucepan with oil and then heat it until the same turns smoking hot. Next, throw steaks inside the sauce pan with their peppercorn side directed downwards. Sear steaks for a medium rare until a crust forms (it will take 3 minutes for each side). Next, place the meat cuts into the oven and cook for 4-6 minutes. After this, remove the saucepan from the oven and add garlic, butter and thyme. The searing hot saucepan itself will melt the butter. Baste the steaks and let them stay on a warm plate.

The potatoes

Make a pair of kosher salt beds in a pan. Next, rub potatoes with oil and place them on salt mound. Bake the potatoes till they turn tender. Remove them from oven and let them rest in cool temperature. After this, peel a potato and chop it coarsely. Next, place the piece inside a bowl. Half another potato in a lengthwise manner; scoop out each half and add it inside a bowl. Now, mash potatoes with fork and mix in some cheese and sour cream. Next, season the mashed potato with pepper and salt. After this, fold in the scallions and scoop into the shells. Now, broil the potatoes for 6 minutes until they turn golden. And there you have it. This is definitely one of my favorite baked comfort foods recipes. I always remember how my father made this dish for me and my brother when we were kids, and now I enjoy making it for my kids.

Tips for Ensuring Greater Quality from Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Tips for Ensuring Greater Quality from Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer

There are many benefits to electronic contract manufacturing southern California, whether companies are seeking precision aircraft machining or production of small mechanical components and parts. For this reason there are now many thriving contract manufacturers in US and around the world, each specialising in producing parts for different sectors and industries.

Some of these benefits include higher quality, lower costs and a much more streamlined production process. However, if not managed correctly, the opposite can be true, with quality falling and the entire process becoming more complicated that it needs to be. With this in mind, here are some tips for ensuring higher quality production from your contract manufacturer.

The most important step in the entire process is ensuring that you find a quality electronic contract manufacturing southern California in the first place. It is therefore strongly advised that the best to take is to put in place a list of criteria that are essential for your production, including for example the use of the latest software and machinery, that the staff at the manufacturing company has appropriate training and that the workshops can handle the large and frequent orders that you will be placing.

The next thing that is essential to an efficient and high quality production process is to ensure that communication is good between you and the electronic contract manufacturer. A communication process should be outlined so that any major decisions are relayed to you before the manufacturer goes ahead with them, and that other less important decisions are assigned to them if appropriate.

Tips for Ensuring Greater Quality from Your Electronic Contract Manufacturer

By having these rules for efficient communication outlined, this means that there is a solid procedure for both parties to follow in order to resolve issues and move production on quickly and effectively. This open way of communicating paves the way for higher quality products being manufactured to set deadlines. Regardless of the sector and industry, a detailed plan should be put in place to ensure that objectives are being met on time.

Not only should this schedule be put in place to ensure that production is going to plan, but also to ensure that quality is high enough at each stage. This means that if the quality is not good enough at any given point of review, it is possible to adjust errors before things move along even further down the line of production.

Combined with the suggestions above, this can mean that the finished products are of a higher quality and that a positive working relationship has been maintained between the electronic contract manufacturing southern California and the client company. After all, this positive relationship is very important – the loyalty it fosters helps ensure quality production time and time again.

Finding the Right Sources For Your Wholesale Electronic Business

Finding the Right Sources For Your Wholesale Electronic Business

A popular products to sell online, for an independent store or even an auction site like eBay, are electronics. Even electronics compliments or accessories are great item to offer at flea markets, and in small retail shops. The potential is great for a high profit margin as electronics are usually in high demand where more often than not there will always be a high sales volume.

It is essential to be familiar with how to find good deals and where to get wholesale electronics so that you can take advantage of profits available to you. Generally, people who would like to sell electronics are often at a loss to come across first-rate wholesale electronic sources that offer low prices to continue being competitive and still create a reasonable profit margin.

Finding the Right Sources For Your Wholesale Electronic Business

Wholesale electronic sources offer many various alternatives to purchase electronics. You can find many wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, and manufacturers that you can afford to purchase and accumulate a variety of brand products in large quantities. As much as possible is it is usually better to find the source close to home and offers the largest quantity with regard to inventory.

If you require very large orders for your inventory, there are not too many small businesses that can meet the expenses of to buying and store up the quantity of merchandise, so it is better to get your products straight from the electronics manufacturer. Although not all manufacturers will advertise to small owners, they have been known to allow you to buy in minimum orders at affordable rates that you can store without difficulty.

Electronic Manufacturing Services are Normally Used for Organizations

Electronic Manufacturing Services are Normally Used for Organizations

Electronic manufacturing services are constantly used for companies that design, test, manufacture, distribute and allow any return or repair services for electronic elements and assemblies for the initial devices companies which is also known as the electronic OEM. This is also known to the expression electronic contract manufacturing where it is known to a lot of electronic engineers and companies.

The Chinese electronic industry encounters a tight competition with many firms offering almost identical electronic merchandise and services such as electronic components, semiconductors, precision engineering, injection moulding, etc. Most of the companies that are listed are consultants in the arena of injection moulding. Goods are being developed by injecting various items into a mould by accumulating a bunch of products together to have this activity carried out.

Electronic Manufacturing Services are Normally Used for Organizations

There is a broad series of products and services that are offered by electronic contract manufacturing companies. It consists of the complete value chain of the electronics industry, such as electronic manufacturers for vehicle component parts, adaptors, assembly line equipment, broadcasting equipment and supplies and bar-coding equipment and systems. The semiconductors are the basis of modern electronics these days, including radio, computers and telephones. Semiconductor-based electronic parts also encompass transistors, solar cells and a lot of kinds of diodes. All these semiconductors, electronic components and electronic equipment can be available with help of electronic manufacturing services.

Circuit Board Depaneling Needs To Be Done With Utmost Accuracy

Circuit Board Depaneling Needs To Be Done With Utmost Accuracy

We become electronically strong as we go on developing. Today we deal with the countless electronic items every now and then. Such a colossal demand for electronic products of various types resulted into the hasty multiplication of electronic industry over the Globe. The consumer electronics section of this industry, particularly, has been witnessing tremendous growth. A number of national and international companies are coming forth, manufacturing various electronic devices and their updated versions.

With the changing production scenario on account of the issues like limited procurement of raw material, space, human resources, etc., electronic industry required to create outsourced manufacturing facilities. This new requirement in the electronic industry, which is accredited as electronic manufacturing services (EMS), is referred to the companies that are involved in designing, assembly, manufacturing, testing and repairing electronic components.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production was the key process step which had been looked after by the EMS firms, previously.

Vapor Phase Reflow products, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing, Selective solder machines, Surface mount (SMT) lines, Circuit Board Depaneling, Stereo Microscopes, PCB cleaning, Industrial Detergents etc. are what we say yield improvement products. These products protect the PCB during value-added steps involved in the assembly. However, the challenges in manufacturing including shrinking package sizes, high density components along with mounting alloy costs, are increasing these days by leaps and bounds. Hence, leading edge assembly equipment is essential to improve the product quality.

Circuit Board Depaneling Needs To Be Done With Utmost Accuracy

Circuit Board Depaneling is one of the key process steps:

Alike other important steps during assembly; Circuit Board Depaneling is a key process step in high-volume electronics assembly production. This process in used in electronic equipment manufacturing. Along with the continuously reducing size of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) their components also are becoming tinier. Hence, these days it has become a common practice to manufacture a single multi surface board comprising of numerous smaller PCBs, which can be depaneled or disassembled at a particular stage throughout the production process, and can be used as an end product.

Any Circuit Board Depaneling needs to be undertaken with the utmost accuracy to elude any possibility of stress. Since, it is critical to have less stress on the PCB components on account of its delicate nature and the complicated details used in their production.

Electronics and Their Production – How to Choose an Outsource Company

Electronics and Their Production - How to Choose an Outsource Company

If you’re part of a company who processes and produces electronics, sometimes in-house electronics production is not always feasible, and you may find yourself on a hunt to locate a company to outsource some work to. Whatever your electronics manufacturing need is, knowing what to look for in a quality electronics production company is beneficial when making the decision where to outsource.

When considering which company to outsource electronics manufacturing to, first take an in-depth look at their capabilities and services offered. Electronics manufacturing companies that offers such services as contract manufacturing as well as process and product development can save your company time and money. A wide range of abilities will ensure whatever job you need can be done specifically to suit your needs no matter how large or small a task.

Also, do some research on the type of equipment the company has available and uses to manufacture electronics. Do they offer state of the art equipment that is up to current standards? How much equipment is available and what range of capacities does the company offer? You may want to check out the scope of electronics the company can produce, as well as what size reactors the company has. Keep in mind, too, how much storage space is available on site.

Electronics and Their Production - How to Choose an Outsource Company

Another thing to consider is what kind of turn around time on production the company has. Does the electronics manufacturer have enough employees to ensure your project can be completed to your satisfaction when you need it? No matter how large or small your project, the company you consider should be equipped to handle it and give an adequate time frame for completion of that project.

When seeking electronics manufacturing companies good idea to take a look at their stance on quality assurance as well as their efforts to implement a safe working environment. Ask if the company holds to and abides by regulations and laws concerning electronics. Also, see if the company has in effect a quality plan, what this plan entails and how this plan is communicated across the board to all employees.

Equally important in these days of environmental awareness is to find out the company’s stance concerning the earth and environment. Ask if the company is aware of the Responsible Care programme, and inquire if they follow the principals set forth in said programme.

When you’re ready to find a company to outsource electronics manufacturing work to, it’s handy to be prepared and know what to look for in such a company. Trust your electronics to a company who is efficient, well-known and has the equipment, workforce and know-how to get your job done right.