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Professionally Prepared Patent is a Must

As an inventor of a new product or idea, you will definitely want to protect it. You will think of taking the assistance of an intellectual property firm to help you in protecting your invention or idea. When you will sit to discuss, you will find them talking on various topics like patentsearch analysis, application forms,infringement analysis, litigation support and more. As a layman, you may find these word phrases difficult to understand, but remember when you will take professional advice for safeguarding your invention, you will come to these terms. This is what is the difference you will feel or get when you are hiring an expert to help you obtain a patent for the new product, idea or design.

You will come across many investors who say they can write their own patent. Remember, a professionally prepared patent makes you more attractive in the market. Patenting is a complex legal process and takes many years of training. If you hire an intellectual firm, they will look into all aspects of the process. Not only this, think about your long-term goals. Imagine your business has grown over the last 15 years with a flourishing turn-over, and there is a well-established company interested in buying your business, allowing you a handsome payout. At that time, the company will ask their patent litigation support attorney or patent search expert to evaluate your intellectual property including your patent.

The patent attorney of the company will evaluate the following things:

Is your patent worth the price you are asking for?
Is it worth the market where the company wants to target?
Are there any loopholes in the patent?

If you have a professionally prepared patent, you will be a winner all the way. There will be no flaws with your patent and you will get the worth you are looking for. The takeaway here is to consider not only the now but more importantly, the long-term strategy.

Take help of online resources as you will find most of these companies have an online presence such as InventHelp. Visit their websites to know more about their capabilities and success rates. Read what their previous customers have to say regarding the services they received. This will help you in choosing best professional assistance for your needs.

A Patent Attorney Will Help You On Your Way

Creating great new products for consumers can be a great way to make money. You can continue to invent items and get them for sale in stores all over the world. And before you know it a company is created from these inventions. But there are some aspects that can stop the business before it ever begins. One of these things is due to the fact that you will need to get a patent on each product that is made. Hiring a patent attorney will allow this to happen so that the business can start without a hitch.

Starting The Business

A business begins when products are created by an inventor. The design that is made should be turned into a real item. This prototype can be used to test the idea and ensure that it will work over time. Once the design has been tested, the item can go into production. But before the mass production of the item a patent should be obtained. This will ensure that the item is protected against large companies and other entrepreneurs who want to copy the design. A patent attorney can fill out the required paperwork so that you will get the patent you need as soon as possible. After this is done you can continue sales and marketing of the item. You can find more info about this step from

Creating More Products

An inventor is built for one thing. And that is to create more and more products that will meet a need within society. The need for these products can come from a void or chores which are too difficult and need streamlining. An inventor will see this and produce something to make it happen. The patent attorney will ensure that any product that is made will receive its own patent. This must be done for each item which is made by the company. Failure to secure a patent will mean that profit will be in jeopardy. Find much more tips from this article too at

Continuing The Trend

The company must continue to create new products in order to boost sales and continue to make a profit. This means that the entrepreneur will need to make new items that should be placed on the market for sale. At the same time, the patent attorney will need to get the proper paperwork for each item. Also, the lawyer will need to refresh any patent that is due to expire. This will protect the investment and lead to a thriving business.

How to Get An Idea to Market

First, you need to find out if someone else already has a patent on the product you are thinking of developing. You do not want to infringe on an existing patent. Go to the US Patent and Trademark Office web site Click on the word Patents and conduct a simple patent search. The directions for a search are found on the home page. A more complete and extensive search may be necessary at a later date to make sure that you are not infringing on some other party’s patent if you decide a patent is needed for your product.

If someone already has a patent on your idea, contact him or her. Perhaps you can market the idea in exchange for a royalty or buy the patent outright from them. There are many great ideas that are patented but never brought to market. Sometimes the patent owner becomes ill or they just like the idea of the patent process but don’t like marketing or sales. Or perhaps they tried and gave up on the idea. There are about as many reasons why a patent never becomes a product, as there are patents.

You need to evaluate your product to see if it is commercially viable to bring to the marketplace as discussed at

Draw your idea on paper as best as you can. Talk to your relatives and friends about your idea. Identify the industry(s) or niche that your invention should be marketed to. Start reading publications about that industry.

Go to a local inventor club meeting. Read inventor magazines. The United Inventors Association’s website is a great resource with a link to find local inventor clubs. Inventor clubs are made up of people just like you. They are looking to invent a new product or have already done so. Do not confuse inventor clubs with inventor marketing companies. Inventor marketing or development companies are for profit.

Persistence and commitment are the keys to success. As everyone knows, most small businesses fail. It is my opinion, based on my experience, that most fail due to lack of effort or lack of persistence. There is an awesome article about it at

If you work hard, have an outstanding product, and provide great customer service, your chances of being successful improve substantially. Certainly outside events can adversely influence your start-up business, such as family illnesses, natural disasters, etc. These are things you do not have control over but you can overcome if you follow these simple guidelines. You need to do what you say you are going to do. Later on, if you have employees, you need to make sure they are following your lead, doing what they told the customer they would do. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people will tell you one thing and do another. For example if you say the product is shipping out today, make sure it does.

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Patent

If you’ve ever had an idea for an invention or new product you might have thought about ways to protects your idea from being stolen by somebody else. A patent is a document that provides you with protection for an idea or invention and gives you exclusive rights to exploit your idea. If your patent is granted then if anyone tries to copy or emulate your idea, you can use the full force of the law to uphold the patent and prove that yours was the original idea as discussed on

Patents are issues by governments and they are specific to that country. So if you want to do business abroad you must also apply for a patent in those countries too. Applying for a patent can be a long and drawn out process. In principle it is a simple procedure. You go down to your local patent office, pick up an application form, fill it in and wait for the approval. In practice however there are many things that can delay or even prevent you from taking out a patent on your invention.

If your idea is relatively straightforward and easy to explain you may be able to fill in the application by yourself. It does take some research and you have to do your homework but in theory it’s achievable. However if your patent application involve complicated theories and cannot be easily explained to a layman, then you may have to hire a patent lawyer with specialist knowledge.

This is often the case with advanced software patents which often use a mixture of open source and custom written code. Proving the originality of such a piece of work requires incredibly detailed research and it not for the inexperienced. To give yourself the best chance of your patent application being accepted, you need to document everything. All aspects of the invention process should be written down so that the patent office can see that you’ve had the initial idea, and followed it through to realization. Learn how to do this right from

You should have diagrams and schematics of all your designs and detailed written descriptions of the purpose of your invention and exactly how it works in step by step detail. If you have the means, you should build a prototype. This is to demonstrate that the product is much more than a concept and has a good chance of being commercially successful. Patents are a necessary evil in today’s cut throat world of business. By learning more about the process you will give yourself a better chance of succeeding commercially with your invention.

The Basics of Filing a Patent for Your Invention

If you have a new idea and are ready to apply for an invention patent, you will need some facts. Here are some invention presentation tips to get you started.

There are three categories for which you can file a patent.

1) Utility Patents are for any new, useful process, machine, product or composition of matter. Useful improvement in existing products can also be patented.

2) Design Patents are for any new and original ornamental design for an existing product.

3) Plant patents may be applied to any new plant species which is both a distinct new variety and which reproduces asexually.

Tips for submitting inventions in relation to coverage.

Patents are only granted for a period of 20 years from the date of filing. Acquiring a patent does not give you the right to create your product, the applicable laws still apply. However, this limits the ability of others to create or profit from their patented product in the US and its territories and possessions. The patent process can be complicated and require the acquisition of a patent attorney. There is a less involved patent that you can apply for, which is the patent of non-provisional utility. This patent covers only your invention for one year, allowing you to continue developing your idea as a patent pending. Get more information about this from

Tips for submitting inventions with regard to the essentials of the application form.

Patent forms are long and have detailed requirements for all aspects of documentation and process. You will need a written description of your invention, along with a name or title. An outline indicating what is new in your design is needed along with detailed drawings where applicable. You will also need to provide an oath or statement that this invention is entirely your idea and that of your partners. If there is more than one inventor on the project, an oath is required from each inventor.

The simple act of submitting your application requires a list of presentation tips for your own inventions. To receive a receipt for your order, when you submit your order, you will need to include a self-addressed postcard that specifies each component of the application. Learn more how to do it from

The card will need to include the title of the invention and the name of the inventors in the application. If you know, you’ll also add the application number, the confirmation number, and the filing date. Then include a detailed list of each document per category with the number of pages in each. Categories are: title, specification, claims detailing the number of complaints, as well as claim pages, number of drawings, number of pages, type and number of other documents included, and finally the method and amount of payment included. This list will be compared with the documents received. If everything is present and accounted for the postcard will be signed, stamped and sent back to you. Any discrepancies will be noted on the card. The card will not be considered proof of deposit until all documents are received by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

How to Apply For a Patent

This article is to help you understand how to patent your idea. It is not something that just anyone can do. It is harder than you might imagine. Having the right patent lawyer is important because it must be written carefully. Many people want to know how to patent their idea. It is essential that you have a lawyer who is competent and honest and knows how to patent an invention. Patent lawyers charge an hourly fee and it can become very expensive. If you do not know a patent lawyer you can go to the patent office site on line to get a list of potential layers, or contact one of the larger patent offices in the country.

How to Patent an Invention

A patent application is started with a form from the United States Patent Office. It includes your information, name, date and title of the invention. It will include an overall concept on your invention so that the reviewer at the United States Patent Office understands the concept. It will also include a list of claims that make your invention idea unique from other patents. The lawyer will include in your application is a list of patents that have been awarded to other patent holders in order to compare your idea with other patented concepts. One of the most important things on a patent application is the date. There are many applications sent to the patent office and the date yours is received prioritizes it in the patent system for your particular idea. This will prevent someone else from copying your idea. You can find more tips about it from this article online

Once the application is received you will get a notification from the patent office. You will know who the reviewer is for your application. It will also have the date they received you application so that date established your date of concept into the system. There are several submissions and rejections of claims with a process that requires months of correspondence during the patent application process. Most patents are rejected a couple of times before the patent is awarded. This is normal and does not mean you will not get the patent. It is important to remember that it is part of the process of getting a patent. If there is a final rejection notice then you must worry that you may not be able to patent your idea.

The Time and Cost of a Patent

The average time to get a patent depends upon the type of patent you want. There are design patents and utility patents. The design patents are easier to obtain and therefore are shorter in time and less expensive. The utility patents need to have the claims that you are asking for to be explained in order to distinguish your idea from others. These are what enable in the patent office say that the concept is unique and worthy of a patent. They take about two years to finalize. Part of the reason for the lengthily process is the overload of applications the patent office receives. The cost to have a layer apply and finalize a patent varies depending upon whether it is a design patent or utility patent. A design patent can range from $500 to $800 and a utility patent can range from $5,000 to $20,000, depending upon the complexity of the concept.

Patented Product Marketing

It is interesting that most patents that have been awarded have not been marketed and do not bring the owner any financial success. Therefore, it is important to decide if it is the right path for you. You should carefully decide if your idea can make money or is of significant value to society before you spend thousands of dollars and years of waiting before you apply for a patent. Once you have the patent you can either market it yourself or let someone else market it for you and you get a licensing fee which may be anywhere from 5%-15%. You can find more tips on this step from

How to Protect Your Idea

There are many companies that will help you with your idea. Some are reliable and some are not. There is one company that advertises that they will help you. They can charge thousands of dollars and only do a press release and a small ad for you. You should go to a reliable lawyer and do research on any company you may work with. Be sure they are part of the Better Business Bureau and perhaps a local Chamber of Commerce.